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Pic Home Cockpit Controller
Bits and Bytes about this fantastic project.
This site is started as add-on service to the original project site.
The founder of the PHCC project has done a great job in setting up this piece of hardware and making it available to the flightsimulator community under the open source GPL license.
On the main site is a very good explanation of what this PHCC is and what can be done with it.
Main Project Site:
On this site extra pieces of information will be published when available, and I have choosen for this approach to keep the original wiki neat and tidy.
At the moment a lot of development is going on for new hardware and software interfacing with Microsoft Flight Simulator.
As soon as working versions are available the core of this developments will be placed in the wiki and more detailed discriptions on this site.
I am not a pitbuilder and just got involved in one build because of my experience in electronics, programming and motion-control.
For this project we adapted the basic idea of PHCC and are developing special boards customized for this build.
Doing this, a lot of basic knowledge about the original project is gathered and this site is my contribution to the community.
The knowledge gathered in this project should become available here for everybody in such a way that it is usable for beginners and advanced users.
I have a strong believe in the strength of this design and will put a lot of effort in the project to further promote it to a wider audience.
Status board of the running projects.
KEY64-251 Input board with 64 inputs not in key-matrix based on the 74LS251 with screw-terminals
  Prototype tested.
01/09/2010 Schematic drawing started.
  Board design started.
DOA-64DO Output board with 64 digital outputs and screw-terminals
(sink or source selectable)
  Prototype tested.
09/09/2010 Firmware tested on the prototype.
01/09/2009 Schematic drawing started.
  Board design started.
PHCCusb1 Small piggy back board to convert older motherboards from RS232 to USB.
13/09/2010 Schematic drawing finished.
13/09/2010 Board design finished.
13/09/2010 Firmware in pre alpha state.
Testing at the moment.
20/10/2010 PCB's ordered.
15/11/2010 PCB's arrived.
18/11/2010 Added assembly instructions to the page.
28/11/2010 Firmware Beta 0.0.1 ready
PHCCusb2 Motherboard with direct USB connection based on the PIC18F4550.
  Prototype build.
13/09/2010 Schematic drawing started.
19/09/2010 Schematic minor fixes.
20/10/2010 Schematic finished.
  Board design started.
  For firmware see PHCCusb1.
Interface software Interface to Microsoft FS through FSUIPC.
01/09/2009 Started.
13/09/2010 Pre alpha state.
Parts shop It is running and moved to its own domain.
It only needs to be filled with parts and PCB's.
01/09/2009 Started.
16/10/2010 Moved to its own domain.

Open idea's
I2C_DCC Why not use the PHCC system for my model train?
The only thing missing is the DCC/MFX/Selectrix packet generator.
I2C_LOCONET Same as above only missing the loconet interface.
I2C_S88 Same as above only missing the S88 interface.
Last update: 6-12-2010
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